about therapy


I wonder what it is that makes you consider finding a therapist?  It may be an immediate and life changing issue such as a bereavement or relationship breakdown. You may need more support and understanding to get through a difficult time in your life. It may be deep seated issues from the past. It may be a lack of direction and focus, a sense of not being in control of where your life is going. You and your situation are unique. I hope to meet you where you are right now and to provide a safe place where you can talk about your feelings, reflect and move forward.


You might feel anxious about making contact and taking the first step to see a therapist but my experience suggests it is unlikely to be something you will regret. The first session is an opportunity for us to meet and to see if we might work together. I hope you will tell me something about what brings you to see me and perhaps what you would like to get from our sessions. Mainly it is a chance to see if you feel comfortable talking to me, if it works for you we can take it from there.

Connection and Safety

Once we have got started I hope to build a therapeutic relationship that is supportive, honest and safe. In therapy you will have an opportunity to look both inwardly and outwardly at how you are living, experiencing and relating to others. To be able to do so it is important that you feel safe. I believe this comes when we are accepted and validated by another person. We feel safe when we know we matter in all of our complexity and when you are safe you are able to bring more of who you are and what you feel to the counselling situation.


Another important dimension in therapy is honesty.  It is my job to attune empathically and honestly in helping you to express your feelings and to be more in touch with what is valuable and important in your life.  I believe that in the atmosphere of an accepting and honest relationship it is possible to take more risks in opening to yourself, allowing you to explore areas where you may experience fear or shame. In this dependable, supportive environment it becomes possible to heal that which is most painful in you.

Talking Therapy

A positive therapeutic meeting has the potential to bring new clarity and meaning to the way your are living. In therapy we can find the space to explore areas of inner conflict that may be the source of dissatisfaction and suffering. I believe that much of the potential to change and to move on from difficult experiences lies in the quality of therapeutic connection. and at the core of this lies the counsellor’s skill and willingness to really listen with openness and acceptance.

I believe talking therapy is useful in the following ways:

  • Providing a  supportive environment in which you can begin to acknowledge and express some of your difficult experiences. Life can hurt a lot. First of all I offer help to manage and control distress and anxiety, to alleviate the symptoms of difficult experiences including traumatic memories

  • As a context for honest, open reflection. Helping you to explore your way of being in the world and coming to recognise inconsistencies that may be the source of distress and dissatisfaction.

  • Providing the opportunity to overcome inner conflict and to get in touch with hidden potential.

  • Creating opportunities to make important shifts and to find a way of being that is more coherent and authentic.

My approach is particularly suited to people experiencing a sense of dissatisfaction with their current way of living who want to challenge limitations, take risks and make changes that enable a fuller engagement with  complex business of living.