about therapy


“Therapy” Why??

Maybe something has happened that you can’t or don’t know how to deal with alone? Perhaps you’ve had a recent bereavement or relationship breakdown. Or maybe there is something from the past that you just haven’t quite got round to speaking to someone about. Perhaps it’s about the vulnerable child we often carry around in us or that far too willful adult. Or simply because we have parts of ourselves that can only ever be seen in a mirror and we need someone to hold that mirror up to us for a while.

Connection and Safety

To be seen is to be vulnerable and so we need to know that we are safe. We are safe when we are treated respectfully and kindly by another human being. I endeavour to create an atmosphere of acceptance, that is reliable and respectful at all times – so that you can begin to disclose difficult experiences, express pain and sorrow, shame, anger and frustration  and come to find some new perspective and peace.

Talking Therapy

In therapy we also have space to explore areas of inner conflict, confusion, defence, obsession, and anxiety –  the angst in living that we all increasingly share.  Many of us build walls around ourselves, and this may feel entirely necessary.  But are we really protected by our walls or the new ones we build to protect them? In therapy it is possible (I would suggest necessary) to begin to understand and deconstruct our walls of defence, to face the challenge of living more honestly and courageously and building better relationships with those around us.

We can use the safe, container created in therapy to examine and challenge our defences, inconsistencies, limitations (both imagined and real), blind-spots and hang-ups. We can find insight and clarity and the will to make important shifts and changes. It may not always be a picnic but therapy can help many of us navigate our way back to a more satisfying and genuine way of living.