therapeutic counselling


Many of us feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of our busy, high pressured lives. At times we may wonder what our purpose is, what we really want, indeed, who we really are amidst all that we are trying to be? Yet rarely do we have the opportunity to reflect on these, the most important, issues in our lives. It is easy to feel stuck on a treadmill, and as if lost in a matrix, disconnected from a more authentic way of being. Our truer selves and our own values can get obscured by the pressures of maintaining jobs, roles and status. Our own voices drowned in the noise of the media telling us how we should look, what we should think, how we should live. The pressure of our lifestyles also gives us little time to heal the pain of personal difficulties and traumas perhaps experienced in childhood, in relationships and through losses of different kinds.

I believe talking therapy offers a useful opportunity to press the pause button, to stand back on life and our relationship to it. It offers the space to re-evaluate, and review our life experiences, to heal some of the damage caused and to cast new light on the way we are living and experiencing. In an atmosphere of support and acceptance it becomes possible to acknowledge and express some of these feelings and frustrations and to make an important shift to a more authentic and satisfying way of being.