therapeutic counselling


Many of us feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of our busy, high pressured lives. At times we may experience uncomfortable feelings or ask ourselves difficult questions: What’s it all about? What do I really want?  We may feel we’ve lost something along the way somehow – a sense of being more fully alive and confident, something that we’s almost forgotten.  And it’s rare that we even have have the time to reflect on these sort of things, those ever-so-important questions, so often are we stuck on a treadmill, disconnected and increasingly isolated. External pressures also leave many us with little time to heal the pain of trauma and personal difficulties experienced in childhood, in relationships and through losses of different kinds.

I believe talking therapy offers a useful space to look again at our habitual ways of living and perhaps to restore some of that lost clarity and vigour.  In an atmosphere of support and understanding it becomes possible to acknowledge and express underlying pain and frustration as well as opening doors to a more honest and satisfying way of living.